GP Click Software Overview

GP Click Software Overview

GP Click Software is telemedicine software designed to manage all aspects of a hospital operation. This customizable system is an integrated healthcare solution which includes Patient Registration, OPD Sheet, Clinic Management, Payment and Accounting.

Early days approaches encompass paper-based information processing as well as resident work position and mobile data acquisition and presentation. The customizable alert system sends the text or email and improves the quality of patient care.

Electronic medical record (EMR Systems) helps to be aware of revenue stream, patient records and other key metrics at your fingertips.


We have design the interface in such a manner, that 100% software will self understood by the end users.


Our software is very flexible to adopt any new feasible changes as per new technology.

Mothly Patient Rush
Inbuilt Pathology Test
Medicine Data
Happy Clients

How GP Click help you increase patient care?


Improve patient satisfaction.

Patients are looking for convenient, quality care they can trust. GPClick gives healthcare organizations the flexibility to deliver high-quality care to their patients anytime, anywhere.

Organizations using GPClick Increase patient satisfaction, patient retention, and revenue.

SIMPLIFY ACCESS TO CARE | Improve patient satisfaction
Treat your patients anytime, anywhere | Beautiful printed prescriptions

Treat your patients anytime, anywhere.

Beautiful printed prescriptions

Takes less than a minute to generate a sheet

Option to print or send the diagnosis sheet

Maintain all medical history

Record and Track Vitals

Streamline your workflows

Treat more patients

Appointment scheduling

Anytime access to prescriptions

Programmed alerts to targeted patients

Manage Payments

Streamline your workflows | Treat more patients

Increase your patient care, effectively

Your patients are looking for care. GP Click is your perfect telemedicne solution.

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